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Mulch Services

Quality Mulching Services

Mulching enhances the visual appeal of your lawn and encourages plant growth. Let the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Buck Wild Landscape LLC install high-quality mulch for your lawn. 

Different Types of Mulch

The standard mulch is available in 2 or 3 cubic foot bags. We also have rubber mulch in long-lasting colors. Our eucalyptus mulch comes in 2 cubic feet bags. Pine bark mulch options are available as fines, mini nuggets, and large nuggets.


Shredded mulch offers the benefit of keeping weeds out while natural cypress mulch can help in deterring pests. Our high-quality natural cypress mulch is available in 3 cubic feet bags and its color lasts for one year.

Pre-Mulching Care


After mulching, we apply top-grade preemergent herbicide to the soil, pull the weeds, and create weed barrier edges. If you need sod installation or tree removal services, get in touch with us right away. Take a look at the photos of our recent landscaping work

Mulch Services
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